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In 2003, MusclePharm's CEO and President Brad Pyatt— then a player for the Indianapolis Colts— was frustrated that the current supplements he was taking were not helping his performance as promised in advertisements, but were actually hindering his performance, causing injuries to him on the football field. After being advised by the Colts' strength coach to stop taking overmarketed supplements that overpromised and underdelivered, Pyatt's vision came alive: To develop a superior line of nutritional supplements that would help his fellow athletes improve their performance in a way that existing supplements did not. In the years that followed, he built his idea into MusclePharm— a company that currently boasts eight products (six on the market and two pending) with four more slated for production by the end of 2010. Even as the company has grown, its mission has remained the same: to improve its customers' lives, increase their ability to excel, use cutting-edge science to develop the best nutritional supplements on the market, and provide a SAFE option for athletes, as we are The Athletes Company™!

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