MUTANT® — Leave Humanity Behind!

MUTANT® has been fueling those who lift and live big manufacturer-direct since 2005 with powerful supplements that maximize human performance. Starting with the #1
original big bag gainer, MUTANT MASS®, the brand continues to command a growing presence, by focusing on top-selling items in the top-selling categories: MUTANT
WHEY, MUTANT MADNESS, BCAA 9.7, ISO SURGE, CREAKONG, and more coming every quarter! MUTANT® is for the best of the best and is found in over 100
countries! And it has an in-stock rate of 99%!

Where Hardcore Meets Quality

With its own 240,000 square feet of GMP manufacturing, MUTANT® sources ingredients directly, works intimately with the TOP flavor houses (such as those that also
supply Ben & Jerry’s ice cream), and has rigorous quality control through every stage of production. MUTANT® has also formed a strategic alliance with Informed-Choice! All
MUTANT supplements that carry the Informed-Choice logo are independently lab-tested for banned substances. This test covers over 200 banned substances prohibited in sport.
If it’s not on our label, it’s not in our product!* Visit to leave humanity behind!

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